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Whether you’re an NFT degen, a DeFi farmer, or a seasoned trader, Alphalytics provides valuable insights giving you the ultimate edge against your competitors.
Defi Farmer
Curve Pool Imbalance
DEX Swaps
First mover LP farm
Crypto Trader
Stablecoin Depeg
P&L Alert
Whale Move
VC Token Unlock
NFT Collector
Top Bluechip Buys
Free Mint
High Gas Fee NFT
Exclusive to Alphalytics: access our unique on-chain token metrics - Top Holders, Top Movers, and Concentration Ratio. Use this information and track critical whale activity to gain a superior edge against the market.
Alerts and
Actionable Insights
Trending NFT Project Launch
STH Cost Basis
Large Whale Transfers
Blue Chip NFT
Curve USDT Pool Imbalance
Smart Money Wallet Tracer
Token Vesting Unlock Schedule
Funding Rate Arbitrage
Smart Money Position Change
Liquidation Alert
Token Alpha Alert
Lifetime Access NFT Pass
NFT holders will get lifetime access to Alphalytics and more.
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